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We collect all the information and analyze it
We send you behavioral and health recommendations

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Access to the platform from multiple sources

Data obtained from measurements is continuously transmitted and then collected in the cloud, where they are shared with you whenever and wherever you want and wherever you are. You can control the air condition in your apartment and at work, in the kindergarten or in the school where your children live, in your city and in the area.


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EcoLife - Healthy Breathing

  • AirSensor
  • AirSensor+
  • Pollution Monitor
  • Air Purifier+
Particulate matter Particulate matter Volatile organic compounds Temperature Air humidity

AirQuality including SMOG measuring device PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles and volatile organic compounds VOC, humidity, temperature and pressure. Designed for indoor air analysis. Dedicated for individual customer for indoor air analysis (B2C market)

  Dwutlenek węgla Temperature Air humidity  

Universal device for measuring basic environmental parameters: temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside rooms. Also dedicated to measure temperature and humidity outdoors. Dedicated for individual customer (B2C market)

Pollution Monitor
Particulate matter Particulate matter Particulate matter Temperature Air humidity

Outdoor SMOG monitoring station dedicated to PM10, PM2,5, PM1, also measuring humidity, temperature and pressure. Base station for your immediate and distant surroundings. EcoLife is building its own network of external stations. Dedicated for the business customer (B2B market). Not available for individual customers

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Air Purifier+

Intelligent air purifier Sharp FP-F30EUH with Plasmacluster ion technology Air purification service for EcoLife customers with AirSensor only.

The service consists of temporary rental of the air purifier



CES Asia 2017 Innovation Awards – Honoree In category Green Technologies

We have won the Innovation Award for technology in AirSensor that improves the PM 10 and PM 2.5 accuracy by 5%. This is a unique air inlet developed by EcoLife, together with algorithms to control the measurement and take a measurement sample

We are the first Polish company to win an innovation award at the prestigious CES ASIA in Shanghai.

IDTechEx Show – Berlin 2017

The EcoLife platform, consisting of AirSensor, AirSensor +, Pollution Monitor, Cloud, iOS & Android Applications, the WWW Client, the Referral System, the Social Platform, has won FIRST PLACE at the Berlin Fair that specialize in new technologies.

We were rewarded with the best IoT Platform. It is a prestigious global award.

Finalist LastGadgetStanding. 2nd place.

In the prestigious international competition LastGadgetStanding we took 2nd place. The most interesting and best solutions for B2C customers are presented there. This distinction is especially valuable for us, because it was users choice who vote on us.

European Product Design Award - Silver Medal 2017 in category Design for Environment

AirSensor Award for Design at the prestigious European EPDA for the best products in 2017 on the old continent

International Design Award as a Silver Winner in category Design for Society

In one of the world's largest and most recognizable competitions: the IDA - International Design Award we have won the Silver Medal in the category of design for the public. The jury is located in Los Angeles, where awards are also held.

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